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HTML makes me an idiot. So here I am. Coding idiot. Cobalt map "designer". Proffesional metalface melter and sometimes video maker!


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Good day cobaltians, I was hit by a inspiration two days ago and I\'ve decided to work out with it and create something. Now I am presenting to you my second ever relased deathmatch map. Playing aga...
4 419 06.08.2014 06.08.2014
Hot shot
This map is made for 50 blocks challenge. Using the "easy" method. Map contains 40 physic tiles. 50 blocks challenge It's kinda tricky to get used to the playstyle this map contains. After 30 minute...
9 619 29.06.2014 29.06.2014
Desert Operation
You're in desert and your goal is to beat all the bad guys! Can you make it all and survive?  VERSION 1.1 - TWEAKED SOME BOTS (making them harder, adding more shields)       &nbs...
8 670 26.06.2014 26.06.2014
Party Killers
This is my map for #mapjam hosted by Janeator for Trif's livestream. It's been very hard journey, since this is my first ever versus map. I had to learn how to make good gameplay + some aesthetics.&n...
2 644 31.05.2014 26.06.2014
Mycelia Base
Hello,    you, this my my first time ever publishing survival map all on my own. I was inspired by one of the Frall's stream when he started building some king of Jungle map. SO now, I pres...
1 943 03.04.2014 03.04.2014