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Target Practice
Shoot all four targets as fast as you can. And remember practice makes perfect. This map was supposed to be an entry to the 50 block challenge but the blocks ran out too fast and enforcing the limi...
9 602 04.07.2014 04.07.2014
Hotfoot Desert
  This is it. Your final test. For decades every phaserjumping volunteer had to do it. Crossing the Hotfoot Desert known for its burning hot sand without melting your feet. Hotfoot Desert is ...
9 795 25.04.2014 01.07.2014
Roof Access
    Roof Access a pit shaped team strike map with a building in the middle. It provides multiple ways to enter the building.      Forum Thread Make sure...
7 778 17.02.2014 30.06.2014
Super Rainbow Rush
  Your goal is it to dodge to blocks and survive as long as possible to score as high as possible. Super Rainbow Rush was made for the Cobalt Mapjam 2014 with the theme "color...
9 611 14.06.2014 14.06.2014