Fields of Depth

A map by DolanCZ and Janeator.


Can you survive in a place that looks simillar to somewhere you have already been at?


RAR download contains .map and .localization files. To install the map, place those files into documents\Cobalt\maps.

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Date Created 28.01.2014
Map Type Classic Survival
Last Update 07.07.2014
Downloads 1431
Authors Janeator





Removed the central room, made the central building better, disabled bots picking up pickups on the secret locale, and improved aesthetics! :)

2014-07-07 23:47:16


i take back what i said, i'm starting to like the full black look :p

2014-06-11 11:31:59


Suvival House is a simple map but its one of my favourites and the most classic map to me that's in the game.. Its too bad they converted it to wave survival only in the latest version, but the 122c build version of it or whatever that was for classic survival works without problem in the latest version.

but either way I'm all for variants of it. The way this map is built feels a bit more balanced than the original since the robots won't get stuck in the pit and can get to your base easier - the button to lock it being on the far left side also makes it harder to run in and hide quickly as well.

Its fun to play on and a nice twist to the original. The extra area was pretty cool to include. I also like how there's a little room in the center of the map.. but I also dislike it. Its the main issue for me with how the map plays out. The problem is that too many enemies run inside there and it gets to the point where going in that room is instadeath because its so small. If there's a way to keep enemies out of that place then this map would be a lot better to me. The enemies spawning felt a little slow at times too, but it might of been because they all went in that room lol.

My only other complaint is the pitch black floors. I do like how it sets the mood, but its so plain so it doesn't look that great. I think some rather dark terrain would be better so it'd keep the black for the feel, but have detail. Other than that, the map looks great.

Overall, its a nice map and fun to play on.

2014-06-10 02:54:31


How to put images in the description?


2014-04-15 22:10:59