The Escape

All that stands between you and freedom is a few dead scientists... and their entire staff.

Ah, I've been working on this one for a long time now. It's taken about 1 month and a half of solid effort.

Another challenge map from me, not quite as devilishly hard as Initiation this time 'round, either.

Come one, come all, to The Escape!


​You are given a par time of 4 minutes to complete the map with cutscenes; Mountainhammer Time is 3 minutes, but this is without cutscenes.
There is a small bug, as it seems Challenge Maps only count the timers given in a single locale, so the checkpoint thingies will go over the limit of 10. It's a little odd. Fixed! Sort of!
Anyways, have fun, I poured my soul into this.

Beware of long loading times!

Good luck!


Right! So this map has custom music. To install it, take each .ogg file and put it in "Program Files/Oxeye Games/Cobalt/daisyMoon/music" or your equivalent. Enjoy!

Date Created 26.03.2014
Map Type Speed Challenge
Last Update 27.03.2014
Downloads 1167
Authors FabioTheTurtle




Thanks for the kind words, guys!

I was hoping it would show on the front page even without a picture, but I guess not. I can't be particularly bothered, however. People know it's here...

2014-03-29 14:21:41


You should add a picture so this gets to the front page!

It looks amazing!

2014-03-28 23:57:57


I was so looking forward to this, as I saw it on the cobalt froums! The map deserves 5/5!!!

You can really feel the hard work Fabio has put into this!

2014-03-26 19:54:05