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The future of Cobaltvault

As you might have noticed, they layout of the page has slightly changed. This is due to a complete rewrite of the whole page. Before I go further into it, I want to point out that we changed the way we store passwords and forced every user onto the new system. This means you must reset your password to be able to log in. Why? Because we never had access to your passwords at first by using a one way algorithm of storing them and converting them to the new system is therefore impossible.

What has changed?

Nothing much really. During the migration process I decided to just ditch all passwords to move over to the new system, resulting in the needed password reset. All the old urls should still work and redirect to the new ones.

We have some stuff that didn't quite make it through the migration like Profile Pictures and Last Updated timestamps.

Why the complete rewrite?

After Cobalt has been released on Steam alongside with the Workshop this page has become somewhat obsolete. Additionally it had some bugs and wasn't always working correctly. This rewrite in python should be much more stable because of the use of some good frameworks.

My aim for this page is no longer to expand it as I've started my job and no longer have time to actively develop for it. I wanted to have a stable release to be able to just let it sit here and serve it's content. The forum will of course still be up and maintained mostly by the community (A big thank you to all the mods on there).

The Page will stay up as it is. If traffic really dies down to nothing I may just replace this with the forum itself. As the low userbase, ads don't really make sense here anymore so I've dropped them.

A shoutout to everyone who supported me and the community

Really thank you, without you guys this would've never existed and I've met some cool people along the way. I want to especially thank for the following donators; without them this page wouldn't be running: - Trif - Gelicia - citrisquid - FabioTheTurtle

I haven't really been active in the community myself lately as my interest for Cobalt has decreased somewhat (still a really great game though ;) ). To the devs, keep up the great work. To the community, I hope you continue making such awesome content for this game, enjoy :D

Btw. if anyone has an interest in picking up this project, we can get in touch maybe work something out. I'll also happily accept Pull Requests on the git repo.


Cobalt is being released!

You probably know already but Cobalt is gonna be released on the 2nd of February! :D

It is gonna be on Steam and with that also comes Workshop integration. Cobaltvault may become obsolete but we will see how it goes. At the moment we are rewriting our code-base so that we have a stable setup because we are not going down. We will continue to host the existing maps but we may close additions depending on how the release goes.

Also Cobalt is getting Online-Multiplayer support and Aconitin is hosting a Tournament! Check it out here


Cobalt Forum!

As you might've heard the official Cobalt Forum have shut down D:

So I tried to get a forum up as fast as possible and here it is, the new offical CobaltForum

Have fun ;-)


Btw. there's also a cool new projectlist on here :-)


Database was down! [Fixed]

Our database went down recently for a few days. We resolved this and it's all up and running again!

If you encounter any inconsistencies (like stuff you had put up and it dissappeared) please contact me!

I'm sorry for all the people that got inconvienienced by this.



Cobaltvault just went open source!

Check out the code at GitHub!

And since GitHub has an issue tracker you can report bugs and issues there